Capitol Hill Day School Building Addition

Through the upcoming renovation of the Dent building, the School will realize a long term strategic goal of supporting and strengthening our programs by improving and updating our facility.

The School has established this blog to inform parents, friends, neighbors, and students of the status of the project. Please check the site often or subscribe to the RSS feed for notification of when new items are posted.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Early Childhood Classrooms -- February 7, 2012

Each early childhood classroom will have its own bathroom. This brightly colored facility is in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom.

Level 4 HVAC Units -- February 7, 2012

Improved climate control on Level 4 of the Dent Building is probably one of the highest priorities of the building renovation project. Multi-tasking use of the crane lifted the new HVAC units to the 4th floor through the hole in the roof for the new art room skylight.

Looking up through the hole in the roof for the art room skylight a workman is fastening the caps on the rebuilt chimney.

CB Flooring, Inc. -- February 7, 2012

Urban legend said that the floors were sanded down as far as they would go. As we planned for the renovation, after much deliberation on the design team, general contractor, and flooring specialists, the School elected to "save" the old pine floors and take a chance that they could be refinished. Monarc Construction, our general contractor, selected CB Flooring to handle the restoration work on the floors.

CB Flooring is working wonders on the School's fine old pine floors. Amazing craftsmanship.

The small sanding machine takes off a very small amount of wood.

Multiple choices for the final stain. The horizontal stain is the original flooring; the vertical samples are on new pine flooring.

The floor in the former First Grade, soon-to-be Music Room. The wood has been stripped but not yet stained or varnished.

Water Tank -- February 7, 2012

The gigantic hole in the ground between Dent and 214 is getting deeper. Maby Bridge and Shore, Inc., is supervising the installation of the shoring which keeps the remaining dirt from falling back in the hole with the potential to injure the workers. We are nearly there! The hole will be deep enough when the shoring is at ground level -- about another three feet to dig.

Chris takes a look to see how much more he has to dig. Chris is our field supervisor and operates the earth moving equipment.

Monday, February 6, 2012

R and B, Incorporated -- February 6, 2012

R and B Incorporated, Alexandria, VA, was selected by the School to install new heating and air conditioning for the townhouse at 214 South Carolina Avenue, SE

CB Flooring -- February 6, 2012

C + B Flooring is working in the townhouse at 214 South Carolina Avenue, SE to install a new floor in the 8th Grade homeroom.

Cranford Mechanical -- February 6, 2012

The School has contracted with Cranford Mechanical, Hyattsville, MD, to install the water tank reservoir for the School's fire surpression system. The tank will be buried between the School and the adjacent townhouse. Some of the play structure has been removed to permit excavation. Cranford has subbed this part of the project to Creative Pipe Solutions, Clinton, MD, and Chris Spargo, Field Supervisor, is on site manning the bulldozer and other heavy equipment.

Monarc has very carefully boxed our air condenser units to protect them from damage.

The blue shoring plates drop down as Chris excavates to prevent dirt from sliding back into the hole.

The play structure waiting to be re-installed.